In more than 20 years of doing business, FLORWORX has earned the reputation of being one of Atlanta’s leading full-service flooring contractors.  Whether it is design consultation, product selection, or installation, we love to join our customers in developing and executing a plan that helps them bring their dreams for their space to life.  

While we are in the business of floors, we are driven by our desire to build valuable relationships with our customers, to build community among our employees, and to do our work with exceptional integrity and excellence.


Our best compliments come from customers who say, “FlorWorx did great work. They listened to us, and seemed to genuinely care about our desires and concerns.” We love floors, but our deepest satisfaction comes from when we get to accompany people as they accomplish their goals. 


In a highly transactional industry, we strive to build friendship among our people.   We’re a family working together to accomplish our goals and the goals of our customers. 

While we require work done well from all of our people, no member of this community is simply an instrument of production. We are convinced of a particular dignity that belongs to every member of our family. So we lean towards one another with good will and support.

Work Done Well

“Doing it right the first time” is the standard we want to achieve.

Even though our customers are more than transactions to us, we know we must establish the relationship with work done well. Work done well matters to us.  To do work you are proud of is dignifying, and this is what we require of all of our people.  We understand the endless aggravation our customers face in trying to manage a project.  We are committed to managing the entire process in a way that will reduce the aggravation and produce work well done.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than hearing our customers say, “Well done!”